Find Set Difference in Hive

February 15, 2014. Category: blog. Tags: hive

Hive doesn’t support NOT IN patterns in sub query. So we can’t run this following query:

select actor_id
from table1
where NOT actor_id IN 
  ( select actor_id
    from table2

To achieve the set difference, we have to get a little more creative:

select t1.actor_id
( select actor_id
  from table1
) t1
left outer join 
( select actor_id
  from table2
) t2
on (t1.actor_id = t2.actor_id)
where t2.actor_id is null;

Rows where successful joins are possible will have a non-null entry and this way they will be filtered out. The left outer join will make sure all entries from table1 are included and rows from table2 are filtered out.

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