Clearing out local Play Framework Dependency Libraries

May 15, 2015. Category: blog. Tags: play-framework maven

Play/SBT project in the company has binary dependency on other maven projects built within the company. Typically I am updating code on the maven project and call some of the functionalities through the play framework app.

A brute force way to make play/sbt pick up new code is to update the version of the maven project and then the app resolves the jar from local ‘~/.m2/’ directory. However this process is ugly and forces too many version updates while testing locally.

A better way is to delete the dependent library from play’s cache and force play to download the jar from ‘~/.m2/’ :

which play
cd /usr/local/bin/play-2.1.3/repository/cache/
tree | grep my-project
rm -rf path-to/my-project

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